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Entertainment industry supply chain solutions

Dependable expedited entertainment deliveries

Whether it’s transporting game film for professional or college teams, sending movies or replacement reels between theatres or other entertainment needs, NGL offers a complete suite of entertainment-focused supply chain and transportation services. This includes warehousing, eCommerce and fulfillment.

Movie studios, large and small, depend on us to coordinate the movement of prints between theatres across the country. We analyze flight availability and dependability, determine the optimal city pairs for transportation and execute flawlessly. This process is supported by unique routing software developed by NGL's in-house IT specialists. The benefits for studios are clear – screening logistics are streamlined and expedited and administration simplified.

Through our movie print depot and inventory management system, a studio can pinpoint a specific reel to be taken from a specific print number so it can be transported as a replacement reel to a specific theatre. Thanks to our inventory system, studios enjoy real-time visibility to manage full prints and/or reels of any movie currently in release.

NGL offers similar benefits for other organizations in the entertainment industry that require reliability and speed. For example, we move videotape or newsreels around the country for many organizations, including the NCAA, the NFL and NASCAR.

Learn more about our Entertainment industry solutions - download our data sheet.

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