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Field Service Medical

Monday, February 10 - Wednesday, February 12

Rancho Bernando Inn

San Diego, CA


When the term medical logistics is stated,

it is known that Network Global Logistics is the premiere 3rd Party Logistics Provider for Medical Equipment.

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Service is always a deciding factor in the competitive industry of imaging and medical technology.  Healthcare providers rely on medical equipment everyday to diagnose, treat and cure their patients.  Network Global Logistics can help you minimize your downtime so your clients can get back to treating their patients.  With over 500 forward stocking locations worldwide, we can stock your criticital medical devices and parts close to you.  NGL is the only 3PL with our own in house courier network creating faster transits and shipment visibility from part or device pull to delivery. 

We pride ourselves on the reliability of our services. We offer a 99.5% on-time arrival rate measured to the minute. For us, 1 minute late is late. We aim to be flexible by leveraging our deep domain expertise in order to provide our customers with solutions to their specific challenges. Our information technology is a competitive advantage by ensuring real-time visibility and control for our customers. Over the past 40 years, we have perfected a proprietary IT framework allowing our customers and customer service experts to be proactive and continuously monitor each and every transaction. Visit us at are your answer for service parts logistics anywhere in the worlde.

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