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Service Parts Logistics

Optimize Service Parts Logistics to boost your bottom line.

How can you control your costs and assure that you meet critical service agreements? Our large network of company owned facilities including our large DC network, large forward stocking network and integrated best in class air and ground courier network ensures best in class performance at pricing that will get your attention. Our solution is agnostic in terms of mode of transport. So whether you are going to will call parts, ship them via parcel next day or deferred or need a same day solution, either routed or on demand, we can help. We tie it all together with a comprehensive IT solution that allows you to see inventory at the DC, Forward Stocking Locations or out for delivery with our integrated courier, or your parcel carrier (UPS, FedEx and DHL). It’s a compelling solution that is future proof and allows you to move to either faster or slower modes of transport and flex up and down with field stocking and DC inventory levels to optimize for the priority of the moment.

Control Costs and Service with Company owned and operated service warehouses

Our approach here is very simple to describe and very difficult to accomplish. In order to drive costs down we need to store parts in much larger centers. These large centers have a lower cost per foot then small centers and far lower than using “partners”. In order for these centers to be cost effective and highly service oriented, they need to be company owned and operated. We have built just such a network over many years. We began this process all the way back in 1971. Today we have dozens of company owned and operated centers in most of the major metro markets across North America

What does this mean to you?

  • Higher service performance
  • Far more flexibility
  • Lower net cost

Our company owned coverage is far greater than any of our competition. Over 80% of an average customer’s volume in North America moves in and out of our company owned centers versus less than 5% with most of our competition. Our model makes it simple: Lower Costs and Higher Levels of Service.

Improve Service Performance via our Integrated Network.

We have found that service performance suffers with the competition. Why? None of them offer a truly integrated service. They use “partners" to complete critical elements of the business. Some use “partners” for their DC work, some use “partners for their forward stocking networks and almost all use “partners” to provide air and ground courier services. We are the lone option that offers all of these services as part of our core business, under one roof with no hand offs. What does this mean to you? Better Service and no fumbled hand offs simply because we don’t hand your business off. We operate it ourselves in our own network that has a proven track record dating all the way to 1971 when we started the business.

All Modes of Transport Under One Roof (Hybrid Solutions)

Priorities shift and change over time. Much of this can be driven by the value of inventory. When inventory is extremely valuable, it makes sense to hold less of it and lean on transit times to make up for lower levels of high value inventory. When inventory costs are low, it makes sense to hold more of it (and in more locations) because that generally allows for reduced transportation spend. The challenge is that these costs change over time and can be impacted by the cost of capital and other factors. So what makes the most sense today may not work well tomorrow.

Why not select a provider that can handle both highly valuable inventory in far few locations with exceptional same day service capabilities - that can also help you if and when inventory values and the cost of capital is lower. NGL can shift large amounts of inventory into our large centers at much lower costs. Since we are capable of helping you with all modes of transport we can service your account with both extremely high service performance requirements and provide cost effective storage and transportation solutions. NGL offers the best of both worlds and provides a solution that can scale and change to meet the changing needs of your business.

Tracking systems and Technology- including courier.

Our systems are state of the art. What our customers tell us they like most is the ability to see everything in one portal. All their inventory, all their forward stocking locations and sku detail and all the transportation moves including those being delivered by their preferred parcel carriers, like FedEx, UPS and DHL. Our systems are built on current technology database infrastructure (SQL) so you have quick and easy access to timely and accurate information on demand. Our report writer allows our customer to create their own custom reports that they can run on demand as well as offering a full suite of standard reporting tools.  

Size, Scope and Scale

  • We have sales revenues in excess of $125MM per year with over 1,000 employees.
  • We have a solid track record of financial success and a solid balance sheet.

What does that mean to you?

It means we can afford to invest for the long haul and will be here for many years to come. We are the largest in the specialty same day service parts/spares space.  When choosing a provider our customers tell us that they want flexibility, reliability and dependability. You get all three with NGL.

On site now

Executed properly, service parts logistics can be a key competitive advantage and profit center for many companies, including technology-intensive industries. In fact, recent economic weakness has accentuated the role of post-sales service operations in manufacturers’ revenue mix, as customers put off new purchases and look to extend the life of their equipment.

However, to a large degree, a manufacturer or retailer’s ability to run a high-quality, highly profitable post-sales service operation is the direct result of the effectiveness and efficiency of its service parts logistics.

Service parts logistics is complex, dynamic, and challenging – characterized, for instance, by irregular demand and by tension between minimizing inventory costs and minimizing customers’ downtime. Many businesses muddle through with service parts logistics performance well short of ideal, inflating costs, damaging customer relations and eroding profits.

99.5% inventory accuracy & 98% on-time shipping

We are the premier provider of time-critical transportation and integrated supply chain solutions, including service parts logistics. We’ll reduce your service operation costs while improving the support you provide your customers. Here’s how we will help you create an effective and profitable post-sales service operation:

  • Consistent top performance. We consistently achieve 99.5% inventory accuracy and 98% on-time shipping performance – numbers that lead the industry. By consistently getting the right part to the right place at the right time, we’ve earned and kept the business of leading Fortune 500 companies who demand the highest performance from their service parts and spares distribution networks.
  • Custom turnkey solutions. We offer a comprehensive suite of service parts logistics solutions, including inventory management, time-urgent transportation, reverse logistics, parts swap-out and on-site repairs. Leveraging our extensive experience in specific industries including medical equipment, telecommunications, aerospace, semiconductors and networking, we can design and implement a customized solution perfectly tailored to your company’s particular needs.
  • Unmatched mission-critical transportation expertise. We pioneered “next flight out” service nearly four decades ago and we’ve been a leader in mission-critical transportation ever since. We provide our clients a full range of expedited transport services ranging from global NFP (next flight out) to same day local delivery.
  • Global reach, local knowledge. Network Global Logistics operates a worldwide network of forward stocking locations and regional distribution centers to ensure that you meet your rapid-response service agreements with all your customers, wherever those customers may be.
  • Superior systems and service. Our technology systems provide an unprecedented degree of visibility and control. We stand behind our logistics and transportation solutions with 24x7/365 customer service, delivered by our highly trained NGL personnel.

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